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Upvc door supply and fitting throughout Coatbridge

Are upvc doors are a cost effective choice - with maintenance free finishes, and energy efficient and high security features, as well as a wide selection of styles. We offer full fitting without prepayment, or supply only with free delivery.

Interactive Gallery

If you're looking for inspiration, then visit our interactive gallery. It shows hundreds of upvc doors that we've fitted for homes in and around the town of Coatbridge.

Upvc doors in a variety of styles for you

If you're looking for a vintage or modern style door, we offer a wide range of upvc front & back doors to homes in Coatbridge and beyond.

21 colours

Upvc front doors

Energy efficient and high security, our upvc front doors offer the things you need for your home entrance. Double glazing ensures you lose less heat from your home, while Q-Lon gaskets - the world's most thermally efficient gasket - keep out the cold and are guaranteed for life against wear & tear. A Secured By Design multi lock system provides protection against intruders. Our wide range of upvc front doors are available fully fitted without upfront payment, or supply only with free delivery.

Design Door

Various glass designs

Upvc doors with toplights & side panels

We offer not only replacement upvc door, but replacement toplights and side panels too - which come with the same range of fade resistant and maintenance free finishes as our upvc doors and frames. They are also double glazed, so are energy efficient like our doors. Various configurations are possible, from a sandblasted toplight with etched number, to a half glazed side panel with decorative glass. Fitting is available without deposit, or supply only customers can have free delivery.

Design Door

41 styles

Upvc back doors

Our upvc back doors are suitable not just for a home's back entrance, but also for garages and porches. Their finishes are maintenance free, so only a cloth wipe is needed to keep them clean. Our upvc back doors are energy efficient, with double glazing keeping heat in and non-deteriorating Q-Lon gaskets keeping cold out. They are also secure, with a steel reinforced frame, as well as a Secured By Design multi point locking system. We provide full zero deposit installation, or free delivery on supply only orders.

Design Door

Read what our happy customer say about us

Hi Alison, Please find attached photos of our new door. We are absolutely delighted and thanks again to you Stephen, Garry and all the team for your help and hard work.

- Mr. Arthur, Woodlands Drive, Coatbridge
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